Friday, July 18, 2008

chi too Goes To Amerika

Along with 9 other emerging documentary filmmakers from around the world, chi too was selected to attend the inaugural International Documentary Fellowship (IDF) at the George Washington University's Documentary Center in Washington DC, USA. Part of this 6 week programme includes making 3 short films in groups of either 2 or 3 people. The following films were a result of the IDF.

HD Digital Video 16:9 (2008)
Duration : 7 mins 22 secs

Concepcion and Thomas talks about camping out in front of the White House for 27 whole years; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
First assignment. Shot entirely in Washington, DC.

Shot, written and directed by
Beatrice Harb (Lebanon)
chi too (Malaysia)
Godi Utama (Indonesia)

Beat It (tentative workin' title)
HD Digital Video 16:9 (2008)
Duration : 7 mins 13 secs

Alex 'Merlin' Perez busts some moves at the Puerto Rican Festival B Boy Battle. But is he busting it hard enough?
Second assignment. Shot entirely in New York, New York.

Shot, written, & directed by
Evelyn Kang'ethe (Kenya)
Subasri Krishnan (India)
chi too (Malaysia)

Membaca Kafka Di Amerika (Reading Kafka In America)
HD Digital Video 16:9 (2008)
Duration : 5 mins 45 secs
Malay with English subtitles

chi too goes to America and attempts to read Franz Kafka's 'The Trial'.
Final capstone project (with the option of going solo). Shot entirely in Washington, DC.

shot, written, directed, and edited by chi too


Anonymous Effa said...

a few things:
1) i enjoyed watching ur films
2) Alex is a hottie. half chinese half puerto rican?! where do u find those kinda ppl dude? mucho guapo!
3) the lil boy at the end of the film is a nosy-parker. i can imagine u swatting him like a fly.
4) ur 3rd film is a wanking one am i right? nevertheless, lovely shots!

ps. what'd u end up getting for ur mom?

3:36 AM  

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