Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Penusah Tana

Uploaded by Films4

Digital Video 16:9 (2007)
Duration : 36 mins 06 secs
Language : Penan/English/Bahasa Melayu with English subtitles

For over 20 years, Ajang Kiew, a Penan Leader, has been setting up blockades to protect his Native Customary Rights land from the intrusion of logging companies. To his dismay, his cries and efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Now, he sets up one final struggle before oil palm and tree plantations take over for good.

written, directed, and produced by Hilary Chiew and chi too
shot and edited by chi too
audio post production by Christopher Higgs
additional graphics by Fairuz Sulaiman
additional music courtesy of Matthew Ngau Jau
online hosting courtesy of Films4Conservation

This film is available for public screening. To screen this film at your school, college, university, church, temple, mosque, synagogue, association, neighbourhood, house party, or any social event or institution, please email the filmmakers at


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